In loving memory of Arthur Conley

A few months ago, during one of my visits at his home in Ruurlo, Lee told me that he had cancer at his bowels. Of course this came as a shock, but Lee was quite positive about the recovery after an operation that might come. In the second week of september Lee had to go to the hospital. The operation went well, there were no metastasises but his physical condition wasn't to good and got worse after the operation. Monday 17th november, early in the morning, he died. Peaceful and with a smile on his face, as his friend Jos wrote.

The first time I met Lee was about five years ago, when I asked him for help with our 'Original sixties R&B and Soulshow'. During the years he became our soul coach, helping us developing our show and taking it to a high professional level. Also a close friendship grew between Lee, myself and many soul mates within and around our band. He was a very kind and friendly man, full of spirit and soul, always positive and very energetic. He helped lots of people and put lots of energy in them (not only with musical advice).

Lee died at the age of 57. Much to soon. But as Lee would say "The show must go on muppy". We are very happy that we were given the opportunity to work, talk and laugh with this great soul man. Dear Lee we love you and we miss you, but your spirit and soul will always be with us. We promise you to keep your soul alive.

Günter on behalf of all musicians and crew of The original sixties R&B and Soulshow

Ever lasting soul

Lee was born in Hinesfield (Georgia) on 4th January 1946 and died in Ruurlo (Holland) on 17th November 2003. The memorial service was held on saturday 22th November and it was beautiful. A mixture of respectful words, recordings of Lee, live music, lots of tears, but also swinging hand-clapping, joy and laughter. Like his friend Jos said: "This is exactly how Lee would have wanted it to be". Afterwards Lee was buried on the "Algemene Begraafplaats" in Vorden which is about 12 miles from Ruurlo. His body is gone, but his spirit and soul will last forever.